Supportive government policy has the greatest potential to grow the social enterprise movement and help transition the world to a global impact economy. At SEWF we have always believed this, and with the backing of our community, have focused our advocacy efforts on influencing policy at a local, national and international level.

How can SEWF help?

Good policy can be a huge accelerator of social enterprise. At SEWF we are committed to sharing information and best practice and working with partners and sector leads to support policymakers to create effective strategy and policy that has genuine impact.

Resource Library

We have curated one of the most extensive collections of social enterprise resources in the world, including examples of social enterprise policies, strategies and studies. Visit the SEWF Resource Library.

Social Procurement

Social procurement reframes traditional procurement to leverage social value. It has been steadily expanding around the world for over a decade. Throughout this time, SEWF has worked with corporate partners, national and regional governments and social enterprise agencies to support the adoption of social procurement systems. It is a priority focus area of our policy work. In April at the SEWF 2021 Policy Forum, we will be launching our global Social Procurement Community of Practice. Sign up to our newsletter for updates.


In addition to our Resource Library, our experts also carry out research to understand the scope and scale of evolving social enterprise ecosystems. This includes our global mapping project. We can also partner on research grants and other proposals that align with our mission and objectives. Get in touch to contribute or partner with us. 

SEWF Policy Forum

Our annual Policy Forum will be held on 27th and 28th April 2021 and will be co-hosted with Common Good Solutions in Nova Scotia, Canada. As with 2020, it will be a fully virtual event. Registration is free and open to all with an interest in social enterprise policy and social procurement. Register today!