Enhancing social enterprise connectivity

Enhancing social enterprise connectivity

SEWF was established to provide leadership, direction, and momentum to the global social enterprise movement. Around the world an increasing number of values-based businesses are being created to address economic, social, and environmental challenges, recognising that traditional models have failed people and planet.

SEWF has created a platform to connect and support the social enterprise movement with world-class learning, ecosystem and policy planning, and the promotion of best practice and innovation by global social enterprises.

Our events are influential, energetic, and essential to building a movement dedicated to social change. Ever since the first group of pioneers assembled at the first Global SEWF in Edinburgh in 2008, this has become the annual international event of choice for social enterprise practitioners, policy makers, and supporters.

This year, SEWF is going virtual for our largest ever global gathering! Learn more about SEWF Digital.

Regional Forums

We have developed a regional model to encourage convening of social enterprise leaders, policy makers, and supporters to develop a shared vision to accelerate regional social enterprise growth, where it is emerging. SEWF will respond where local actors feel social enterprise is needed and an SEWF event can help progress this.

What you need to know about hosting a regional forum:

  • The forum should be a significant regional event to advance social enterprise movement on a continent or region. This can be where social enterprise is underdeveloped or where the pace of development is such that a regional event would result in strategic alliances and sector growth.
  • The event will have at least 3 SEWF presenters from staff, Board and advisory group in the programme. Social enterprise will be the main theme of the event.
  • This will take place in March-May to avoid a clash with the annual Global Forum. The event is expected to have 500-1,000 people in attendance. Attendance should be regional and not just national/local, and marketing will be confined to the host continent/region so as not to detract from the SEWF Global event.
Event partnership

SEWF is happy to consider partnership requests from global enterprises working to create a new social impact economy. Recent partner events include the Asia Pacific Social Enterprise Summit (APSES), Taiwan and the Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs Summit, Pakistan.

What you need to know before applying for SEWF to partner on an event:

  • A partner event must deal with a social enterprise theme and it must contribute to the movement building of social enterprise. This will add value to the SEWF mission, regional, and global forums.
  • A participation agreement would be agreed after the partner proposal is approved. When required, SEWF C.I.C. input by way of technical support and promotion will be chargeable.
  • SEWF C.I.C. will be identified as “Event Partner” and the event will have SEWF presenters. Social enterprise must be a major track or theme.
  • The partner event must avoid dates and locations that would clash with the SEWF Global Forum.
  • The partner proposal should be submitted to SEWF C.I.C. at least 6 months before the event start date. The full SEWF Board will discuss and agree the partner proposal.
Host an event

We are not currently accepting expressions of interest for our Global Forum as we have agreed hosting arrangements through to 2022. We don’t follow a very strict continental rotation system, but our approach for 2023 and beyond will include reaching out to peak bodies, intermediaries, and key social enterprise agencies in our priority regions. The Global Forum is awarded 24 months before its delivery date and our dialogue with potential 2023 hosts will begin in early 2021. If you are interested in hosting a future global forum we are happy to hear from you and to note your interest at any time.

What you need to know about hosting the Global Forum:

  • This is the primary annual event in the global social enterprise calendar. This event carries an international, regional, and local legacy.
  • The Global Forum is a dedicated social enterprise event and its main focus is creating a global social enterprise movement.
  • Bidders for SEWF global event will be expected to have attended a previous SEWF event to understand the format, ambition and culture.

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