Ticket information

There is a ticket cost to join SEWF Digital; although a virtual event has no hard costs (e.g. room hire, catering) it still involves considerable resources in developing the programme and building the virtual event, as well as costs for platform license, registration fees, tech support, and more. As a social enterprise ourselves, SEWF aims to achieve a balance between ensuring SEWF is both enterprising and sustainable while making the event as accessible as possible. We thank all our partners and sponsors for their support which has significantly reduced the participant fees. 


Early bird - £39 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Tickets priced at the early bird rate are available until 1st August 2020 (23:59 BST/UK 31st July). After this date the price will increase to £49 GBP.

Low income, lower middle income and conflict affected countries - £29

As defined by World Bank Atlas at June 2019. The qualifying criterion is the regular business address of the delegate. Registrations will be checked and if the delegate’s address does not match the selected category the ticket will be cancelled.

Start-up social enterprise / student / youth - £29

Start-up social enterprise (within 24 months) employing fewer than 10 people and with turnover of less than £100,000 GBP at last accounts. Any full-time student (please use your university/college email address to register). Anyone under 25 years old.

Bursary tickets

There are two types of bursary tickets:

  1. 1) COVID-19 Hardship tickets;
  2. 2) Low income, lower income and conflict affected countries.

With thanks to the generous support of sponsors, partners and individuals, SEWF is building a bursary fund as we recognise that these are extremely difficult times for much of the social enterprise community. If you represent a social enterprise (leader, practitioner, board member) and have experienced a significant loss in income of 50%  as a result of the impacts of COVID-19 and/or are based in a low, lower middle income or conflict affected country (as defined by World Bank Atlas at June 2019), apply here. There are limited tickets available and these tickets are designated for people that genuinely cannot afford the standard registration fees. For more information and to apply, visit SEWF Digital Bursary Application.

Group discounts - 10% off for groups of 10 or more

Please contact digital@sewfonline.com with the number of tickets required and the name (first name, surname), email and title of each person to be registered (in a CSV or Excel file). Please note that these details will be shared with our event platform Hopin so that an account can be created to access the event. Group payment will be required prior to issuing tickets. Prior to 1st August the ticket price will be charged at the early bird rate (£39 per person).

Ticket prices include a non-refundable booking and admin fee. Please note that you can only purchase one ticket option at a time. Also, at the time of purchase you must input the details of the participant and register that person for Hopin, which enables access to the event. Prior to purchasing please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details.