Event FAQ

Please review our FAQ below to see if this page can help address your query. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact the SEWF Team at digital@sewfonline.com.


What date is SEWF Digital?

Monday 21 September – Friday 25 September 2020.

However, once registered for the live event, you can continue to access event content until September 2021. This is a great way to continue to experience SEWF Digital long after the official event week has ended!

What time does SEWF Digital start/end?

06:00 BST (UK) – 20:00 BST (UK) (although start and end times vary each day). Please note that our event platform Hopin adjusts the programme timing to the time zone you are in. However, we recommend that you check the time shown on Hopin with the programme on the SEWF website and your time zone. A useful website for doing this is Time and Date Meeting Planner (remember to put the actual date of the event).


How do I register for SEWF Digital?

You can register via this link.

If you are new to Hopin you will need to set up a Hopin account. Once activated, if you are not automatically redirected to the SEWF Digital registration page, click the event registration link above again or paste (https://hopin.to/events/sewf-digital) into your search bar.

Can I register a group for SEWF Digital on Hopin?

At this time, it is not possible to make a group booking through Hopin. Each delegate needs to have or create a Hopin user account before booking events through this system.

How do I book for the SEWF Policy Forum 2020?

The SEWF Policy Forum is a private event and by invitation only. Participants have been recommended by global partners and issued accordingly.

If you would like a copy of the SEWF Policy Forum 2020 summary report, please email Maeve to request one.

Issues registering on the Hopin platform?

This video will help explain the process of registering for the event.

Register via a supported browser – the latest Chrome or Firefox on OSX/Windows10/Android or Safari on iOS. If you continue to experience issues, contact support@hopin.to. Please include the following information: the email address you are using to try and register, any screenshots of error messages and details of the browser and operating system you are using (including versions).

I haven’t received my booking confirmation/receipt. How do I receive this?

At time of payment, Hopin will automatically issue a receipt. Please check your junk folder to see if this booking confirmation/receipt is there. If you have not received your receipt or deleted it by mistake, the SEWF Team will be able to request Hopin to resend your receipt after the event. Please email digital@sewfonline.com to have the team resend the booking confirmation/receipt. If you email before 26 September 2020 requesting that your receipt be re-sent, that request WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Please request this after the end of SEWF Digital. 

Please also ensure you have marked no-reply@hopin.to as “safe” so that emails (like a future receipt) will go to your inbox and not your junk folder.


What ticket type should I book?
  • Early bird: The deadline for these tickets has passed.
  • Low income, lower middle income and conflict affected countries:As defined by World Bank Atlas at June 2019. The qualifying criterion is the regular business address of the delegate. Registrations will be checked and if the delegate address does not match the selected category the ticket will be cancelled.
  • Start-up social enterprise / student / youth: Start-up social enterprise (within 24 months) employing fewer than 10 people and with turnover of less than £100,000 GBP at last accounts. Any full-time student: Please use your university/college email address to register. Youth: Anyone under 25 years old.
  • Bursary tickets: The bursary application process has now closed. SEWF was pleased to offer two types of bursaries for SEWF Digital:  1) COVID-19 Hardship tickets (for people who have lost 50% of their income or more due to COVID-19 restrictions) and 2) Ticket for people from low income, lower income and conflict affected countries. More details about bursaries on the SEWF ticketing page.
  • Group discount (10% for groups of 10 or more): Please contact digital@sewfonline.com with the number of tickets required and a CSV file with the following information for each registration in the following order (email, first name, last name, job title/position). Please note that these details will be shared with our event platform Hopin so that tickets can be issued. To access the event, all participants will need to create an individual account with Hopin. Group payment will be required prior to issuing tickets. Please note that ticket swaps are not possible. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.
Can I give my ticket to someone else to access the event?

Tickets are linked to individual Hopin accounts with the information provided at registration. It is not possible to rename or swap tickets. As content will be available until September 2021, we encourage you to retain your ticket. If you would prefer to cancel your ticket, please see details regarding refunds in our Terms and Conditions.

Can we share SEWF Digital tickets?

Ticket sharing is not permitted. If this happens, SEWF reserves the right to cancel the ticket with no refund. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

SEWF understands that for some people within our community the cost of a ticket may prohibit them from attending; however, SEWF is not looking to profit from this event and has priced the event as low as possible to make SEWF Digital as accessible to as many social enterprises around the world as possible. Our bursary application was open until mid September to help provide free places to those whose social enterprises had been severely affected by COVID-19 and to those who live and work in low income, lower income, and conflict affected countries. SEWF is grateful to all of the SEWF Digital sponsors whose generosity made these bursaries possible.

Are there bursaries available for SEWF Digital?

Bursary applications have now closed.

Event Access on Hopin

I'm new to Hopin. How does it work?

This is the most comprehensive video (still under 5 minutes) that covers the entire event experience on Hopin and how to navigate the platform once the event is live. Watching this video before SEWF Digital begins on 21 September will ensure that you’re aware of various platform features and can successfully navigate Hopin. If you prefer to read through a guide, please review the SEWF Digital Hopin user guide.

How do I access my ticket for the event?

Once registered, login to your Hopin account and go to your dashboard where your ticket will show. When the event is live and you want to enter, simply click on the ticket and it will take you through to all of the live sessions, marketplace, and networking facility.

Please watch this brief 1 minute video which will help guide you through the process of logging back into Hopin for the event once you’ve already booked a ticket.

I can't remember the password I used to register for the event. How can I access this?

When logging back into Hopin you can click ‘Forgot my password’ as you would with many other online account platforms and instructions for resetting your password will be sent to your email. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk mail to see if the message from ‘no-reply@hopin.to’ ended up there. If not, please join our Zoom helpdesk so one of our team members or volunteers can assist you and help look up your name and email to ensure you are in fact registered for the event.

In case it is helpful, here is a quick one minute video about logging into Hopin and updating your profile.

I'm logged into Hopin, but I can't access certain features like chat and/or share my audio and video. Can you help?

Hopin works best with supported browsers. The latest Chrome or Firefox on OSX/Windows10/Android or Safari on iOS. SEWF recommends Google Chrome for the best user experience on Hopin when using a computer. DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER OR MICROSOFT EDGE. 

If you have switched to a supported browser, but continue to experience issues, you may join us in the event helpdesk (in the ‘Sessions’ area of Hopin running throughout the entire event) or use the Zoom helpdesk room if you’re unable to access Hopin. Links to both help desks will be provided on Monday 21 September before the start of the event.

How do I create a profile in Hopin or add additional information next to my name?

This video provides a quick overview of creating a profile in Hopin. When you log into Hopin you will see a circle in the top right hand corner of the screen. By clicking on that a drop down menu will appear where you can click to edit your profile and add a profile photo, bio, social media links, and other information.

How can I chat with other people on the platform or see if someone has messaged me?

This video will provide an overview of the “Chat, Polls, and People” menu that will pop out on the right side of your screen when in the Hopin platform. If you cannot see this, look for the small arrow to the right of the timer and click on that to expand the chat window. The written Hopin user guide also provides useful information including screenshots on how to navigate the chat function on the paltform.


Can I see the detailed programme before I register for the event?

Yes! Please go to our programme page on the SEWF website to view the most updated programme.

How do I nominate a speaker/session for SEWF Digital?

This year we worked with regional partners to design programme content and manage speaker nominations. We also ran an open content nomination process from 1 July – 31 August where registered participants could nominate speakers or suggest sessions via the SEWF Digital Slack channel. This ensured the final programme will truly reflect the interests of the international social enterprise community. While the content nomination process is now closed for SEWF Digital, we still encourage you to register for SEWF Digital to join the conversation on our Slack channel and connect with other participants ahead of the event.

Get Involved

How do I become a sponsor of SEWF Digital?

We are grateful to all of our SEWF Digital Partners and Sponsors for their support of this event. If you are interested in future partnership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact digital@sewfonline.com.

How do I book a booth at SEWF Digital marketplace?

SEWF will be the biggest social enterprise event ever. With over 4,000 attendees already registered, our virtual marketplace provides an unprecedented opportunity to showcase products and services to a global audience. View information on our marketplace, then contact the team at digital@sewfonline.com to book your booth.

How do I get access to the SEWF Slack community?

Once you register for SEWF Digital, you will receive an email from ‘no-reply@hopin.to’ with instructions on joining the event and other important information. This email will include a joining link the SEWF Slack community where you can network and meet other SEWF Digital delegates ahead of the main event on Hopin. If you cannot find this message (it will come from ‘Social Enterprise World Forum’ but from a Hopin email address) please check your junk folder and mark the ‘no-reply@hopin.to’ email ‘safe’ so future communications from Hopin go to your inbox and not your junk folder.