Creating a new global impact economy

Creating a new global impact economy

Social enterprise is part of a global response to a broken economic system that is increasing inequality and causing a climate emergency. The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) C.I.C. impact model outlines our activities for influencing economic development to support our vision of creating a global impact economy.

Impact Model

We grow the global social enterprise movement to accelerate our transition to a new global impact economy. This is how we do it:

Influencing economic development

Organising media campaigns to support our global forum and international activity

  • Developing a SEWF communications plan to ensure our messaging reaches intended audiences.
  • Working with sponsors on their media campaigns so they can amplify our message to a wider audience.
  • Supporting global and regional host media campaigns to reach wider audiences through general and social enterprise specific media.
  • Identifying public relations opportunities, where appropriate to expand our influence globally.

Working with policy makers to improve social enterprise policy globally

  • Organising an annual SEWF policy forum to influence regional and international policy development while identifying and amplifying emerging best practice.
  • Working with SEWF Board members to support development of national and regional policy strategies to ensure continued policy progress.
  • Redesigning our online policy and mapping resources to provide guidance and map developments globally.
  • Promoting our resource library to an increased number of engaged users to aid policy development.

Increasing engagement with impact investors and influencers

  • Identifying and engaging with global SEWF ambassadors to increase our reach and opportunities through wider networks.
  • Working with investors to address investment supply challenges by increasing understanding of diverse social enterprise investment needs.
  • Connecting investors to social enterprises and intermediary organisations at SEWF events and through other opportunities, as a conduit to local impact creation.

Engaging more corporate partners in our work

  • Developing an annual plan with our global partner SAP to expand its global impact through a new volunteering programme and an expanded social sabbatical programme.
  • Assisting our Buy Social partners with expansion by increasing corporate engagement and corporate spend with social enterprises.
  • Identifying new global partners from the corporate or foundation sectors to enhance our activity portfolio.

Collaborating with governments and social enterprise sectors to develop social enterprise ecosystems

  • Supporting ecosystem development through our Board networks by directly influencing new strategy and initiative development in a variety of contexts internationally. 
  • Promoting a co-production approach to social enterprise policy creation to ensure social enterprises are actively engaged in policy creation, where they otherwise may be excluded from the conversation without our advocacy.

Enhancing connectivity

Learn more about how we build community and enhance the social enterprise movement through network connectivity.

Growing capacity and capability

Learn more about our social enterprise resources and how we grow sector capacity through policy & advocacy.