Rural social enterprise

Social enterprise is critical to rural resilience and sustainable rural economic development so Social Enterprise World Forum supports rural social enterprise policy and practice globally. We convene rural policy dialogues to encourage rural communities and policymakers to connect and to identify and share best practice for engaging. The issues facing rural communities require multi-pronged approaches and can be addressed through international collaboration. Around the world where rejuvenation is occurring, we see local communities activating their entrepreneurial spirit and focusing on equipping the next generation. 

Our partners, ACRE, Common Good Solutions, Akina Foundation, Inspiralba, and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, have unsurpassed understanding and experience with grassroots approaches to rural development and rejuvenation. They are genuine leaders, recognised and respected internationally.

SEWF is proud to partner with them on our rural focused activities including sharing learning materials, influencing policy development, and collaborating for local and global impact. Scotland’s 2019 Social Enterprise Census is an example of a policy tool that highlights the density and characteristics of rural social enterprise.

SEWF convened its first Rural Symposium in 2018 and will repeat in 2021 and 2023. A platform for connecting, sharing learning materials, and collaborating outside of these symposiums is currently being developed. 

There were sessions in this year’s SEWF Digital programme related to rural social enterprise. Read the Event Report to understand more about lessons learned from this year’s gathering. Keep up to date with the SEWF 2021 Rural Symposium by visiting the event page.