Youth Forum and youth engagement

An increasing number of young people are creating and engaging with social enterprise. We’re supporting this youth movement by meaningfully engaging with and learning from young innovators and social entrepreneurs. This engagement furthers our ability to create a new global impact economy.


SEWF holds a Youth Forum each year as part of our annual schedule of events. The Youth Forum includes opportunities for networking with and learning from other young participants and creates an environment where all participants develop extensive knowledge about social enterprise and leave prepared to continue, or to begin, contributing to a global impact economy through social enterprise.


Beyond the Youth Forum, SEWF has partnered with Social Shifters to create a specialised platform that allows Youth Forum engagement and conversations to occur beyond the event week. Anyone, regardless of whether you have attended a Youth Forum can join our Shifters SEWF Youth site. Sign up for free today!


We collaborate with partners who are effectively engaging and educating young people to advance the social enterprise movement. These are a few examples of their work around the world.

  • Scottish social enterprise in schools programme: Early intervention activities in schools, including partnerships that integrate social enterprise into school curriculum, is critical for workforce development and the social enterprise movement’s sustainability.
  • Social Shifters: Online platforms and learning communities for young social entrepreneurs provide effective learning, networking, and communicating opportunities.


Are you a young person passionate about creating a global impact economy?

  • Join the Shifters SEWF Youth Community online. By signing up, you’ll have the opportunity connect with other changemakers and community leaders like you and get exclusive access to new tools for change, SEWF Youth offers, and additional post SEWF Digital event content.
  • Get in touch if you are interested in helping plan future youth forums and engagement activities!