Youth forum and youth engagement

We are seeing an increasing number of young people creating and engaging with social enterprise. Building capacity and capability provides us with the opportunity to meaningfully engage with and learn from young innovators and social entrepreneurs furthering our ability to create a new global impact economy.

Leveraging early intervention activities in schools and partnering to integrate social enterprise into school curriculum is critical for the movement’s sustainability and workforce development, as evidenced by the Scottish social enterprise in schools programme. Canada has also been very successful with their youth engagement through platforms like Social Shifters.

Beyond elevating the work of our strategic partners who are effectively educating and engaging young people around social enterprise, we convene a youth forum at our global forums to energise the movement and SEWF Digital will have a focus on the youth movement. This provides all attendees the opportunity to network, to develop extensive knowledge about other social enterprises around the world, and to begin working with others toward achieving our vision for a global impact economy.

Are you a young person passionate about creating a global impact economy? Get in touch if you are interested in helping plan future youth forums and engagement activities!