Building capacity and capability

Building capacity and capability

SEWF assists with policy development, ecosystem building, global mapping research, and sector advocacy. Our work is effective because we collaborate with policymakers, strategic partners, and sector leaders to build the capacity and capability that will lead to a flourishing social enterprise movement. Learn about our policy agenda and our other capacity building activities. These activities help realise our vision for a global impact economy. 

Our policy agenda

When SEWF was first established, policy was often viewed as a barrier to success; with more international attention and government interest, social enterprise policy can now lead to social change. At our 2019 Policy Forum we learned that the sector wants to focus on:

  • collecting better data and more effectively analysing that information,
  • building sector capacity and sustaining relationships beyond the sector, and
  • creating a more cohesive advocacy agenda united by a common language.

In 2020, SEWF has shifted our policy focus to addressing the COVID-19 impact on the social enterprise sector. With the input from 2019 guiding our work, we’re:

  • researching and analysing the social enterprise sector’s response to COVID-19,
  • working with partners outside of the sector to better support to social enterprises during the pandemic, and
  • using SEWF Digital (read the report here) to collaborate at this crucial time for the sector and develop a global advocacy agenda for recovery.

If you would like to help advocate for our policy agenda, please get in touch.

Ecosystem building

We can also help with local consultations. If you are interested in developing a social enterprise policy or strategy for your city, province, or country, please get in touch. We also offer event opportunities to convene social enterprise leaders, policymakers, and supporters to accelerate social enterprise growth.

Other capacity building activities

We are also building capacity and capability through our focus on youth engagement; consolidation of social enterprise policies, strategies, and mapping studies as useful resources to affect change; and through our research on the state of social enterprise globally. Here are some ways you can get involved and benefit from our network and expertise: