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SEWF23 Week

9-13 October

Create new memories, meaningful connections and discover new social enterprises in Amsterdam and the Netherlands by joining SEWF23 Week ⏤ from social enterprise tours to SEWF23 Fringe Day.

Social enterprise tours (9 & 13 October)

More information on social enterprise tours coming soon!

SEWF23 Fringe Day (10 October)

Is your organisation based in the Netherlands or planning to be in the Netherlands for SEWF23 Week (9-13 October)? Are you interested in hosting an event as part of SEWF23 Fringe Day on Tuesday 10 October? This is your opportunity to nominate a session to feature as part of SEWF23 Week to engage with the global social enterprise community.  

SEWF23 Fringe Day events may include workshops, networking, community of interest meetings, roundtables, etc..  

SEWF23 Fringe Day events are independent of SEWF and Fringe Day hosts will be responsible for event organisation, venue logistics and ticketing. SEWF will promote all Fringe Day events as part of SEWF23 Week in an event listing page on the SEWF website.  

Interested in nominating a session?  Expressions of Interest are now open! Deadline 24 February.

2023 Co-hosts

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