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Social Enterprise Tours

Social Enterprise Tours (9 & 13 October)

Tour participants explored the world of social enterprises in Amsterdam, Northern and Eastern Netherlands, Rotterdam, The Hague and beyond and experienced their innovative and diverse initiatives and witness their transformative impact first-hand.

Tour participants were immersed in the exciting world of local social enterprises, uncovered their inspiring founding stories and met new people ⏤ from purpose-led founders to social business leaders, experts within government, academia and many other sectors.

Where and when?

Monday 9 October

Tour location included:

  • Amsterdam North

Friday 13 October

Tour locations included: 

  • Flevoland – Northern Netherlands
  • Apeldoorn – Eastern Netherlands
  • Rotterdam
  • The Hague
  • Amsterdam West
  • Amsterdam North

Which tour to choose?

Northern Netherlands

Ready for some outdoor time? On this tour, you’ll visit community enterprises where profits are reinvested into landscape sustainability, reviving parks and urban development. Join us at Ontmoetingsplek Buiten! (Buiten!) in Dronten, a place for community-building with activities organised by people who take a little extra care. Buiten! is a brand new recreational area with a tea house, animal park and many outdoor activities. Buiten! also offers daycare for people who struggle to find a regular job or have physical and mental health difficulties. Founder Anke Dekkers will tell you how she built it in just one year! Next, we’ll visit Almere Oosterwold: this rural area just outside Almere and Zeewolde is entirely in the hands of private initiators who determine the division of land, size of the buildings and their function. It is an entirely new and unique way of urban development. Our journey will end at Burgerboerderij Oosterwold, an agroecological farm with a food cooperative, transition network and spaces for social entrepreneurs.

This tour is organised by LSA Bewoners and Social Enterprise NL as part of their Ondernemen met je Buurt

Eastern Netherlands

Meet one of the frontrunners of the circular economy in The Netherlands and join us on an exciting tour to Apeldoorn. We’ll take you on a unique journey to explore the various facets of FOENIX – a remarkable second-hand social enterprise that goes beyond just selling pre-loved items. FOENIX has been recognised as the most inspirational social employer in the Netherlands.

During this tour, you’ll visit two establishments which include the secondhand shop, repair café, laundry centre, wood workplace, textile studio, bicycle workshop and the municipal recycling centre, where they actively prevent goods from becoming waste. You’ll learn about the circular economy policy in the Netherlands and the best practice collaboration between FOENIX and the local government.  During the bus journey, Branchevereniging Kringloop Nederland (BKN) and RREUSE (the European Umbrella organisation for second-hand social enterprises) will shed light on the sector, their meaningful work and answer all your questions. Enjoy lunch prepared by people who face challenges reintegrating into work force. 

This tour is organised by the BKN, representing 63 members and 238 second-hand social enterprise locations throughout the Netherlands.

Amsterdam West

Amsterdam West Fashion & Food – Art & Activism

The Amsterdam West Tour will take you to the vibrant West District of Amsterdam which has one of the highest concentrations of social enterprises in the city.

On this tour, you’ll meet social enterprise front-runners like United Repair Centre and enjoy delicious food by a community based social enterprise. You’ll hear about the transformation of De Hallen tram depot and its residents ⏤ bike repair shop Recycle and Beeldend Gesproken Art Gallery.

You’ll also visit Ruigoord Cultural Free Haven, a creative hotspot that is part of the “Cultural Defence line” of Amsterdam and Chocolatemakers, where you’ll get some insider knowledge on how they produce their delicious chocolate. The tour finishes with a drink at Bar Bario, a safe and creative space for BIPOC, queer and trans people. There we’ll discuss activism and LGBTIQ+ social enterprises in the city.

This tour is organised by Amsterdam Impact in partnership with the West District team of the City of Amsterdam.



Amsterdam North

Amsterdam “North Stars” & “Social Centre”

On this walking tour, you’ll discover the North of Amsterdam where SEWF23 takes place. This up-and-coming and rapidly changing neighbourhood hosts some of the social enterprise gems or “North Stars” of Amsterdam. You’ll discuss diversity and inclusion with Colourful Goodies (SEWF speaker), see firsthand how social enterprises like Roetz Bikes (Circular & Sustainable Designer (E)-Bikes)) raise the bar in the city’s circular economy and more.

Afterwards, a social enterprise boat tour by Rederij Lampedusa will take you through the centre where you’ll meet Amsterdam Underground. This cooperative is set up by tour guides who share their personal stories of homelessness and surviving on the streets of Amsterdam. Their tour finishes at de Prael Brewery, a social firm where you’ll have the opportunity to reflect together on the tour and try their delicious beers. De Prael drinks are also open to other SEWF23 guests from 5 PM onwards.

This tour is organised by Amsterdam Impact in partnership with Amsterdam Underground, the North District team of the City of Amsterdam.

The Hague

Meet Social Enterprises in The Hague

Hop on board for a great adventure to this international city of peace, justice and one of the frontrunners in the Dutch Impact Entrepreneurship ecosystem. During this tour, you’ll learn more about the future of food in hubs like The New Farm, you’ll hear firsthand from circular innovators like social firm I-did and you’ll meet the diverse ecosystem that is transforming the Hague’s economy.

This tour is organised by local social enterprise network Social Club Den Haag in partnership with The City of The Hague / ImpactCity.

Thanks to the social enterprise tour hosts