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Policy Forum

24 May 2023 [concluded]

Hundreds of participants were able to join the SEWF Policy Forum to connect with social enterprise leaders, policymakers, agencies as well as intermediaries to learn and share best practice in social enterprise policy development. The event was held online, was open to all and was free to attend. 

Better and effective social enterprise policies are essential to the development and success of social enterprises across the world. In 2023, the Policy Forum spotlighted conversations not only around the Netherlands and Europe, but we also heard from policymakers in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Thus a diverse programme of events was curated to meet the needs of our global community.  

Held virtually, the event’s content was scheduled across different time zones, so no matter where participants were in the world, they could access live sessions at any time of the day.


By participating in the Policy Forum, participants gained insights from a diverse range of policy development conversations within the social enterprise sector. This year’s themes included:

  • Ecosystems: Increasing opportunities for trade, collaboration and collective action. 
  • Fairness: Ensuring equality and inclusion for all. 
  • Migration: Entrepreneurial solutions for better lives. 
  • New Economy: Putting people and planet first. 
  • Planet: Living and trading within planetary boundaries.


In addition to inspiring speakers with live Q&A and chat, this year’s event featured: 

  • Online networking 
  • Online spaces for discussion 
  • OnDemand recordings for ticket holders

2023 Co-hosts