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Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

SEWF and SEWF 2022 Co-host White Box Enterprises are committed to sustainability.

Climate change continues to increasingly impact communities around the world with disadvantaged communities, where many social enterprises work, being more significantly affected.

SEWF and White Box Enterprises believe that all organisations have a role in taking action to embed sustainability practices into their work. Ahead of our events this year we are working with experts in sustainability to develop the SEWF 2022 Sustainability Strategy. This statement summarises the key principles and approach to our strategy.

SEWF context

SEWF supports the global social enterprise movement to have local and global impact in the fight against climate change. Many of the enterprises in our community work directly to address sustainability issues, such as through campaigning and education, as well as those developing and delivering climate solutions.

As a global convener of events, SEWF recognises the significant impact the events industry, particularly those requiring international travel, has on the planet.  Following consultation with our community and recognising the long-term legacy SEWF events have in the countries they are held for positive social, economic and environmental outcomes, we will continue to offer in-person participation but with a focus on developing a world-class hybrid model to encourage online participation and reduce international travel. We will continue to review our model as technology continues to develop.

Our vision

SEWF 2022 will demonstrate the potential of sustainable convening by delivering a world-class hybrid event. SEWF aspires to be a leader in sustainable practices and the sustainability measures taken will set new parameters for accessibility and responsible participation and will have an influence within and outside the global social enterprise community.

Our principles

Our approach is guided by commitments to the following principles:

  • Leadership
  • Inclusivity
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Co-production
  • Continuous improvement

Our approach

Hybrid technology

SEWF and White Box Enterprises have committed to a major investment in hybrid technology to ensure a high-quality experience for those joining online as well as in-person to reduce the need for international travel as well as to reduce barriers to access.

Community Hubs

The Community Hub model (piloted in 2021) enables local groups to self-organise around SEWF22 to meet and network locally without travelling internationally. SEWF will provide guidance to Community Hubs to encourage them to embed similar sustainability practices into their events.


“Climate Solutions” is one of our five priority themes for 2022, ensuring that climate is at the centre of all programming for selection of session topics, organisations and speakers.


Messaging will be tailored to encourage a minimum of 80% of in-person participants coming from the host country and the wider region.


To ensure the event is accessible to all, bursaries will be available including for Digital Passes for individuals and enterprises experiencing financial hardship and those based in low income, lower income and conflict affected countries.


The selection of suppliers, including venues, catering, transportation, technology and accommodation, will be guided by environmental standards adopted for SEWF 2022. These standards will include commitment to sustainably sourced materials and zero waste practices relating to participant packs, stationery, speaker gifts, PVC-free signs, booth guidelines, water refill stations, waste segregation, composting and recycling.

Carbon offset

A mandatory carbon offset is included in the ticket price for Physical and Digital Passes for SEWF22. We will also use a leading carbon calculator for the event sector to calculate the overall carbon impact of hosting the event. Following the calculation, we will financially support a range of initiatives within social enterprise and Indigenous communities.


The SEWF 2022 Sustainability Strategy includes objectives and targets that we will measure and report against. We will benchmark against other social purpose and commercial sector events to examine the relationship between purpose and sustainability, and to improve future performance. We will publish the results on our website.