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Bursary applications are closed now.

Thanks to the generous support of SEWF22 partners and sponsors, there were a number of bursaries available. Please note that bursaries (Physical Pass and Digital Pass) for people resident in Australia closed in June 2022. And the second round of bursaries (Digital Pass only) for participants outside of Australia closed on 12 September 2022.

SEWF22 Digital Bursaries (now closed)

Applications reopened on 29 August and closed on 12 September. To be eligible, applicants had to be residents outside Australia and meet the criteria specified (more details in the application form). SEWF22 Digital Pass Bursaries available included: 

  1. Youth: Available for under 30-year-old social entrepreneurs and young people interested in social enterprise. 
  2. Financial Hardship: Available for social enterprises who faced hardship and difficulties attending SEWF22. 
  3. Low income, lower middle income or conflict affected countries: Countries under this category have been defined by World Bank Atlas in June 2022. The qualifying criterion was the regular business address of the participant. Registrations were checked and the ticket cancelled if the participant’s address did not match the selected category. 

Thanks to the support of SEWF22 Bursary Partners!

Interested in supporting an SEWF22 bursary?

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