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Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is the leading membership organization in North America for social enterprises, service providers, non-profit organizations, corporations, and venture capitalists. Members are passionate about changing their communities, and SEA are passionate about providing them with the tools they need to continue their good work.


The Social Enterprise World Forum coincided with the Social Enterprise Alliance summit.


The main aim of the 2010 event was to highlight that social enterprise is no longer an isolated experiment: It has moved into the mainstream across the globe. For-profit and non-profit social enterprises are proliferating; the public sector is paying attention to the brand of social innovation; academic institutions are offering courses and degree programs; social investors are knocking at the door; the media has enhanced its coverage; and a rising generation of young people is energizing the field.


The outcomes of Social Enterprise World Forum 2010 were:

  • Understanding that social enterprise has different forms and adaptations and that in the USA the term is used by more commercial entities (profit distributing) than in the rest of the world;
  • Increasing awareness of business scale in countries where market size allows social enterprise to achieve size and scale that isn’t possible in many locations;
  • Good progress in broadening understanding of social investment, its relationship to philanthropy and mainstream finance, a sense that social investment will continue to diversify and grow as the social enterprise movement develops worldwide;
  • The first steps of an interesting debate between non-profits (or traditional voluntary sector organisations) and social enterprise; both are valuable, needed, and need to understand each other’s position; and
  • Those who do impact measurement well, have a market advantage over others in similar markets and sectors.



Attendees were treated to insights and resources from successful social enterprises around the country and around the world.


The sold out event was attended by 712 delegates from 23 countries around the globe.


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