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Melbourne 2009

Hosted By: Social Ventures Australia

THEME: Taking the Next Steps Now

Social Ventures Australia (SVA), an independent non-profit organisation established in 2002, is a new and unique model of social investment that aligns the interests of philanthropists with the needs of social entrepreneurs to address some of Australia’s most pressing community challenges.


The 2009 forum explored the role social enterprises play in encouraging and facilitating social inclusion, including creating sustainable employment opportunities for those disadvantaged in the labour market and creating and supporting change.


Social enterprise can make a truly remarkable contribution to the sustainability of individuals, communities and whole countries. Social enterprise is more than new job creation. It is more than business with a social purpose. It has the capacity to address multiple outcomes across the environment, the economy, the community and governing institutions.


Across the world there are growing examples of the impact of well-conceived and delivered social enterprises. This event showcased some of the world and nation’s leading enterprises.


The outcomes of Social Enterprise World Forum 2009 were:

  • Increased awareness of Social Enterprise being a model for social change;
  • Established cooperation and alliances between charities and social enterprise groups who have similar goals;
  • Creation of innovative methods of working with and for various socially disadvantaged communities in the creation of new social enterprise businesses; and
  • Enhanced awareness of the impact and value of social enterprise as well as creating a yardstick by which it can be tabulated and measured.


This was an important event furthering the progression of social enterprise in the country with support demonstrated by the Prime Minister of Australia, Premier of Victoria and the Lord Mayor.