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Calgary 2013

Hosted By: The Trico Foundation

THEME: Leveraging Markets and Innovations to Solve Social Problems

The Trico Charitable Foundation provokes innovation and builds capacity in social entrepreneurship through education, grants and awards.


Trico Charitable Foundation promotes and encourages social entrepreneurship through its partnerships and by presenting the Social EnterPrize awards every two years, recognizing Entrepreneurship within the social enterprise sector.


In Canada, Social Enterprise is expanding at an amazing trajectory. Several years ago a fledging discussion on the periphery of the non-profit, business and government sectors began at the first Canadian Social Enterprise Conference in 2004. Today social enterprise is a significant component of the efforts and innovation being used across the country to address complex social and economic issues in communities.


The main outcomes for the event were the quality of the discussions on Skills Building, Social Finance, Indigenous Social Enterprise, Collaboration, Policy and Research, and Social Innovation.


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