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Welcome to the world’s first global Social Procurement Community of Practice!

This is a member-only community for those working directly in social procurement from government, corporates and social procurement intermediaries.

Together we will build a collaborative online community that will help us create social and environmental impact by growing social procurement activity with social enterprise around the world.

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Head to the Forums to join the conversation, share news and updates or ask a question. Currently there are three forums: intermediaries, corporate procurement and public procurement.

If you have ideas for starting new conversations threads outside of those three forums, get in touch with the SEWF Team.

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Have a question or feedback?

Contact Maeve Curtin at maeve.curtin@sewfonline.com or message her through the chat. The COP is currently open to initial contributors and over the coming weeks we aim to populate this community with more people, discussion topics, news and resources. As this community is in an initial phase, you can play an active role in shaping it to suit your needs and interests. Do get in touch.