April’s opportunities for global innovators and changemakers

by Joana Silva / March 2024

As we enter April, fresh opportunities bloom for social entrepreneurs, innovators and those driven to make a difference. Whether you’re nurturing a sustainable energy initiative in Africa, developing climate resilience technologies, or leading a social impact project, this month offers a canvas to project your ambitions. Let’s dive into some of the most compelling opportunities that April has in store:

1. Africa Impact Finance Initiative Grant 2024

Deadline: 08/04/2024

The Africa Impact Finance Initiative (AFI) Grant aims to support impactful projects in Africa that focus on sustainable development and social impact. It offers financial assistance to enterprises and organisations committed to creating positive change across the continent. This opportunity seeks innovative solutions in areas such as health, education and economic growth, aiming to foster development and improve the lives of communities throughout Africa.

2. Chatham House Sustainability Accelerator Microgrants 2024

Deadline: 15/04/2024

This initiative aims to fund innovative projects focused on sustainable development and social impact worldwide. It provides financial support to individuals and organisations dedicated to creating significant, positive change, encouraging solutions in sustainable development that can be applied globally.

3. 2024 Global Climate Challenge, MIT Solve

Deadline: 18/04/2024

The 2024 Global Climate Challenge, hosted by MIT Solve, is seeking solutions that leverage technology to create a zero-carbon world and adapt to climate change. This challenge encourages innovators globally to submit projects that address climate crisis impacts, offering support to develop and scale effective, sustainable solutions. It represents a critical opportunity for those passionate about combating climate change to make a significant impact.

4. 2024 Global Economic Prosperity Challenge, MIT Solve

Deadline: 18/04/2024

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This challenge invites innovative thinkers to present solutions that stimulate economic growth, improve financial inclusion and reduce inequality worldwide. It offers a platform for impactful ideas that can drive economic prosperity across diverse communities, supporting projects that have the potential to transform economies for the better.

5. 2024 Global Health Challenge, MIT Solve

Deadline: 18/04/2024

This challenge calls for groundbreaking ideas in healthcare delivery, disease prevention and the advancement of health equity across the world. Participants are given a unique opportunity to contribute to solving urgent health challenges, benefiting communities globally.

6. 2024 Global Learning Challenge, MIT Solve

Deadline: 18/04/2024

This challenge offers a platform for ideas that could transform educational systems and methodologies, impacting learners of all ages across the globe.

8. Invent24 Digital Pack

Deadline: 22/04/2024

This initiative is designed to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in enhancing their digital capabilities offering support and resources for digital transformation. It is specifically aimed at those looking to improve their online presence, engage customers more effectively and optimise operational efficiency through digital innovation.

9. IF Social Impact Prize 2024

Deadline: 24/04/2024

The iF Social Impact Prize invites projects that contribute to society by solving key global challenges. Open to companies, design studios, NGOs, foundations and public and other organisations, this prize seeks to reward innovative solutions with the potential for significant social impact. Winners gain visibility in the iF World Design Guide and a share of EUR 100,000 in prize money.

10. 776 Foundation Grant

Deadline: 24/04/2024

This grant provides financial backing to innovative projects and ideas that promise to disrupt the status quo and initiate significant social, environmental, or technological advancements. It targets visionary thinkers and change-makers who are working on groundbreaking solutions but require additional funding to realise their ambitions. This is a two-year programme for young people.

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11. AIIDEV Africa Sustainable Energy Accelerator 2024

Deadline: 25/04/2024

The Sustainable Energy Accelerator by AIIDEV Africa is a dynamic six-month programme designed to spur sustainable energy solutions and entrepreneurship within Africa’s energy sector. It offers a nurturing environment for developing energy solutions, with a curriculum that includes workshops, case studies, innovation research, bootcamps and mentorship.

12. EIT Urban Mobility Financial Support for Start-ups

Deadline: 29/04/2024

EIT Urban Mobility is dedicated to funding start-ups engaged in developing innovative urban mobility solutions. This opportunity aims to support the growth of ventures that contribute to making cities more livable, through the implementation of smarter, greener and more sustainable transportation options. It is particularly suited for start-ups at the forefront of addressing urban mobility challenges, offering them the necessary support to expand their impact and enhance urban life.

13. Greentech Asia Accelerator Program 2024

Deadline: 10/05/2024

The Greentech Asia 2024 programme by Village Capital is designed to accelerate sustainable development in Asia. It focuses on supporting start-ups that innovate in clean technology and sustainable solutions, offering extensive resources including mentorship and financial analysis coaching.

14. Greentech Latin America 2024 for Start-ups

Deadline: 10/05/2024

The Greentech LATAM 2024 programme by Village Capital aims to propel sustainable development in Latin America by supporting start-ups focused on green technology. This initiative seeks to address environmental challenges unique to the region, providing participants with mentorship, financial analysis coaching and a platform to scale their solutions. Start-ups working on clean energy, sustainable agriculture and conservation are encouraged to apply.

15. Africa Business Heroes Prize Competition 2024

Deadline: 19/05/2024

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The Africa Business Heroes (ABH) competition is an annual initiative designed to identify, support and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities, working towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

16. Young Caribbean Water Entrepreneurs Shark Tank Competition 2024

Deadline: 04/08/2024

The 2024 Shark Tank Competition is designed to foster innovative water management and climate resilience initiatives in the Caribbean. This competition seeks entrepreneurs and organisations with transformative projects that enhance sustainable water use and climate adaptability across the region.

17. AI Opportunity Fund

The AI for Opportunity Fund by Google is dedicated to supporting projects that utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to address societal challenges and create opportunities for underrepresented communities globally. This initiative seeks innovative solutions that can make a significant impact in areas such as education, economic empowerment and environmental sustainability.