SEWF Social Enterprise Verification

What is SEWF Verification?

SEWF Verification was designed in consultation with partners around the world. It recognises existing regional and national social enterprise verification systems, builds on existing knowledge and expertise, and provides accessible, affordable and culturally responsive social enterprise verification in places where such options do not exist. The service aims to support the growth of the global social enterprise ecosystem and expand market access for all social enterprises globally.

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  1. Set up a free profile page for your social enterprise on Good Market using the button below.
  2. Pay for your SEWF Verification administration. £70 for the initial verification, then £50 per year for renewal. If you are already on Good Market, you can click here to pay the verification fee.
  3. Upload your governing and financial documents on Good Market (guidance on how to complete Step 3 is linked at the bottom of this page)
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What are SEWF's verification standards?

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The social enterprise has a primary social or environmental mission at the core of their operations.

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The social enterprise is transparent about and accountable to their mission and aspires to the highest ethical business standards in all internal and external dealings.

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The social enterprise generates the majority (51% or more) of its operating income from trade, the sales of products and services, including grants for product outputs or services. If a social enterprise is in its start-up phase (2-3 years) or is engaged with a significant capital project, expansion or scaling, traditional operating income will be considered separately from grants and other funding sources used to grow and scale.

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The social enterprise reinvests the majority (51% or more) of their surpluses in pursuit of their mission.

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The social enterprise is controlled in the interests of the enterprise’s mission, not individually controlled and, depending on available legal structures, are traditionally autonomous of state.

Mission Lock
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The social enterprise will have provisions to maintain mission primacy through periods of transition (e.g. change in management, change in ownership, dissolution) and ensure that resources are used in line with the organisation’s mission instead of being used for private gain.

Wondering if your organisation meets the standards?

We’ve designed a quiz to allow you to check whether or not you’re likely to be approved as an SEWF Verified Social Enterprise. Take our quick quiz today to determine if you’re eligible!

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How does SEWF recognise existing regional and national social enterprise verification systems?

If a verification, certification or accreditation meets or exceeds SEWF’s standards for verification, we offer social enterprises free SEWF Verification on the basis of their existing social enterprise verification, certification or accreditation. SEWF partners with these verifying or certifying organisations to ensure a smooth system for social enterprises.

Note: Social Traders certification is a prerequisite for social enterprises in Australia. 

These organisations include:
  • World Fair Trade Organization
  • Social Traders
  • Fair Trade Federation
  • Social Enterprise Mark
  • Yunus Social Business

Email us at if you think your organisation should be added to this list!

Step 3 Supporting Documents

What documents do I need?
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These slides provide a brief overview of the material our Verification Team will expect to see in your legal and financial documents and can be used to make sure you have everything prepared to upload once your Good Market profile is published.

Need help uploading your documents on Good Market?
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This guide explains how to upload documents for SEWF Verification and sign the SEWF Social Enterprise Commitment within your Good Market profile.

Already have a recognised verification/certification and just need to sign the Commitment?
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If you are being recognised as SEWF Verified because you’ve already been recognised by WFTO, FTF, Social Traders, Yunus Social Business or Social Enterprise Mark, you only need to sign the SEWF Social Enterprise Commitment to complete your SEWF Verification process. View the steps here.

The Benefits of SEWF verification