Programme – Day 3

Key to Event tracks
Young People and Education
Sustainable Planet
Focus on Markets
Social enterprise ecosystem
Key Business Sectors
Big Economic Issues
Day 3: Friday 14th September
Full plenary
The collaborative economy and the future of business

Chair: Mairi Mackay, British Council and SEWF CIC (UK)

Speakers: Dai Powell, HCT Group (UK) + speaker TBC x 2

Keynote Address
Coffee and exhibition
Innovative social enterprise approaches to reducing poverty and inequality

Chair: TBC

Speakers: Celia Hodson, HeyGirls CIC (Scotland), Alan Mahon, Brewgooder (Scotland), Tamra Ryan, Women’s Bean Project (USA) and Marie Marin, Employers for Childcare (Northern Ireland)

Social enterprise ecosytems - is public support a help or hindrance?

Chair: Alex Hannant, Pocketknife (New Zealand)

Speakers: Nancy Neamtan, Chantier de l’Economie Sociale (Canada), Polly Chapman, Impact Hub Inverness (Scotland) + speaker TBC

Entrepreneurship for social impact

Chair: Louise Aitken, Ākina Foundation (New Zealand)

Speakers: Sarah Crawley, iSE (England), Sadaf Mahmood, SEED Enterprises and Reimagining Pakistan (Pakistan) and Josiah Lockhart, Firstport (Scotland)

Social investment - approaches focussed on inclusive economic growth

Chair: TBC

Speakers: Nicola Steuer, School for Social Entrepreneurs (UK), Thamina Anwar, World Growth Foundation (New Zealand), Adrian Appo, First Australians Capital (Australia), Nigel Kershaw, Big Issue Invest (UK) and Alastair Davis, Social Investment Scotland (Scotland)

Places and networks - building social enterprise community and capital

Chair: James Dunbar, New Start Highland (Scotland)

Speakers: Clive Hirst, Social Enterprise Solutions (England), Chris Martin, Callander Youth Project (Scotland) and Caryn Capriccioso, interSector Partners, L3C (USA)

Empowering communities

Chair: Kelly Davies, The Good Wash (Wales)

Speakers: Sandra Holmes, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (Scotland) + speaker TBC


1) Marketing the social enterprise advantage – Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse (UK)

2) Use of data to drive your business – Ben Gleisner, Conscious Consumers (New Zealand)

3) TBC

Participative session
Social enterprise consulting and capacity building

Facilitators: Zoe Fillingham, Fresh Sight (Scotland) + TBC

Contributors: TBC

Cross-border collaboration - best practice and transferability

Facilitators: Ana Umbelino, Torres Vedras (Portugal) + facilitator TBC

Contributors: TBC

Lunch and exhibition
Workshop + lunch
Legal issues, global perspectives

Speakers: Duncan Osler, MacRoberts LLP (Scotland), Roberto Randazzo,  European Social Enterprise Law Association (ESELA) and Nicholas Glicher, TrustLaw (UK)

The myth of sustainability is damaging the social enterprise sector

Chair: Aidan Pia, Senscot (Scotland)

For: Alastair Wilson, School for Social Entrepreneurs (UK) and Peter Frampton, Learning Enrichment Foundation (Canada)

Against: Susan Aktemel, Homes for Good (Scotland) and June O’Sullivan, London Early Years (England)

Equality and fair work

Chair: TBC

Speakers: Pauline Graham, Social Firms Scotland (Scotland), Janice Abbott, Atira Women’s Resource Society (Canada) and Claire Dove, Blackburne House and Crown Commission (England)

Sustainable planet - the opportunity for social enterprise engagement

Chair: Eric Lombardi, EcoCycle (USA)

Speakers: Sarah Chisholm, Resource Recovery Australia (Australia), Jonathon Porritt, Forum for the Future (England), Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse (UK)  + speakers TBC

Creative and cultural social enterprise

Chair: Rachael Brown, Cultural Enterprise Office (Scotland)

Speakers: Andres Morales, Living in Minca/Minca Ventures (Colombia), Yasmin Ahmad Mazlani, NeOOne (Malaysia), Malcolm Maclean, The St Kilda Centre – Ionad Hiort (Scotland) + speaker TBC

Ambition and vision in the world of WISE (work integration social enterprises)

Chair: TBC

Speakers: Bill Morris, Blue Star Recyclers (USA) + speakers TBC x 2


1) Stimulating social enterprise growth – the Places model – Sarah Crawley, iSE (UK)

2) Mobilising rural communities for social action – Matt Pfahlert, ACRE (Australia)

3) TBC

Participative session
Title TBC

Facilitators: TBC

Contributors: TBC

Innovations in health

Chair: Ian Walker, Johnson & Johnson (Scotland)

Speakers: Lucy Fraser, Albyn Housing (Scotland), Professor Jo Pritchard MBE, Director of Health and Social Care, Social Enterprise UK (UK) + speaker TBC

Coffee and exhibition
Closing remarks and handover ceremony
Programme Notes


These sessions will be delivered as a traditional plenary or panel where delegates will have the opportunity to pose questions via the event app. Session capacities will range from 200 – 1,200 delegates.


There will be two debates, where we explore serious topics using an adversarial format with teams supporting and opposing a motion. These sessions will be energetic, humorous and deliberately provocative to raise awareness of sensitive issues. Delegates will have the opportunity to pose questions via the event app. Session capacity will be up to 600 delegates.


These are 15-minute filmed sessions delivered by topic experts. Delegates will have the opportunity to pose questions at the end of filming. These sessions will be streamed live via Facebook Live and available online via SEI post-event. Session capacity will be up to 200 delegates.


These are sessions designed to delve deeper into topics explored in plenaries. Delegates will hear short presentations from topic experts and this will be followed by discussion. At least 50% of the time will be allocated to participation. Session capacity will be up to 48 delegates.

Participative sessions
These sessions will have no AV and are designed to offer delegates the opportunity to actively contribute to a range of topics facilitated by expert chairs. Delegates will be invited to identify their potential contribution via the event registration system. Confirmed contributors will be named on the online programme and involved in pre-event co-production with the session facilitator. Session capacity will be 16-24 delegates.