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Pioneers Post

Pioneers Post delivers the news and sets the agenda for the new wave of responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs across the globe.

We create intelligent and engaging content through news, analysis, comment, profiles, debate, specialist reports, the Pioneers Post Business School and our own online TV and podcast channels.

Pioneers Post is itself a social enterprise, with clear social aims and profits ploughed back to support our community of socially progressive readers – by supporting us, you will be ‘buying social’.

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Impact Boom

Impact Boom provides the latest ideas, initiatives and inspiration to help you create positive social impact. Our priority lies in empowering social entrepreneurs and innovators to unleash their greatest potential to create a better world.

Each week, on the podcast and blog, Impact Boom interviews global leaders, making sure you’ve got the latest insights and resources to tackle complex problems. Our growing changemaker community has access to 100+ interviews and articles, as well as direct support via online and in-person mentoring.

Impact Boom’s Elevate+ Accelerator Program helps social enterprises effectively develop and scale their impact, whilst connecting them to experienced mentors, opportunities and a supportive community.

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International Network of Street Papers

INSP [International Network of Street Papers] supports street papers to start-up, develop and scale. Street papers are independent newspapers and magazines that operate on a social enterprise model to empower people living in poverty. Street paper vendors buy their local magazine for half the cover price and sell it to earn an income. Many street papers also provide training and other social support. In the last year, 20 million street papers were sold across the world and vendors earned a grand total of £24 million.

An important source of independent media, street papers provide a unique platform for alternative perspectives and unheard voices and report on issues of social justice. INSP is made up of over 100 street papers in 34 countries, published in 24 languages. Our street paper network speaks to 5 million readers worldwide.


Twitter: @_INSP

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SEE Change Magazine

SEE Change Magazine is a digital publication focusing on social entrepreneurship and social change

The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is passionate about stimulating and supporting social innovation. As Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation our pioneering coworking space enables amazing people to work, meet, learn, collaborate and achieve inspirational things.

Our free ‘Good Ideas’ incubation programme has supported over 190 people turn their great ideas into new social enterprises, charities and campaigns, that are good for society and the environment.

We are now proud to be sharing our experience and knowledge through our latest innovation ‘Coworking Accelerator Network’, which provides practical resources to leaders of Quality Coworking spaces across the globe. 

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Talks with innovators, creatives & enterprisers | Twice

Talks with innovators, creatives & enterprisers captures and shares the stories, learnings and journeys to people making positive dents on society. Our goal is to reveal how people are challenging the status quo to solve some of society’s biggest problems through business for good entrepreneurial endeavours.

Fortnightly 30-minute episodes feature people driving positive social impact, at all stages in their entrepreneurial journeys. We publish their insights, with laughter included, in a conversational yet informative and tightly edited format. The show is independently produced, as a ‘love not money’ project to scale good stories, by David Binstead.

David will be contributing daily 15-minute breakfast shows from 10th – 14th September at SEWF 2018, with up to the minute insights for your day ahead, with reflections and learnings from speakers, guests and delegates.

Listen to current [and upcoming SEWF] shows via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else that you can listen to podcasts.

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Social Enterprise Scotland

Social Enterprise Scotland is The Voice of Social Enterprise – uniting social enterprises and their supporters into a strong campaigning force. As a gateway to Scotland’s social enterprise community, it acts as an independent, Scottish, membership-led organisation, built and controlled by social enterprises. It’s the first point of contact for the media and public and promotes a positive vision for social enterprise. Membership is open to anyone.

It pro-actively engages with social enterprise partners, the public sector, the media, the private sector and the wider public. It also works in partnership with many other organisations in and out with the broad social enterprise movement and with The Scottish Government and Parliament and their agencies.

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Social Firms Scotland

Social Firms Scotland is the national support agency for Social Firms and Work Integration Social Enterprises