Mapping the Social Business Sector in Wales

DATE: 27/04/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 4 MB

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This report describes the social business sector in Wales following a survey of almost half of the businesses operating in the sector. The research provides an update on previous research undertaken on the sector in 2014. The social business sector in Wales was mapped through the provision of contact lists from various organisations serving/supporting businesses operating in the sector. The survey took place between September and December 2016. A total of 810 organisations responded to the initial phase, representing 48% of the sector. Of these, 715 (88%) agreed to participate in the follow-up survey.

Scottish Social Enterprise Census 2015

DATE: 31/12/2015 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 2 MB

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This ten-year, national social enterprise strategy sets out our shared ambitions for social enterprise in Scotland, jointly developed with the sector. It provides a framework for action over the next decade.

State of Social Enterprise Report 2015

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The State of Social Enterprise Report 2015, supported by Santander, is the most comprehensive research undertaken into the state of the sector in the UK. The report shows that social enterprises in the UK are thriving, outperforming their mainstream SME counterparts in nearly every area of business: turnover growth, workforce growth, job creation, innovation, business optimism, and start-up rates.

Internationalising Social Enterprise

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Scotland has a long history of developing models of business for social good. Today, social enterprise continues to play a role in the economy and have a huge impact on communities all across Scotland. This document sets out the Scottish Government’s ambitions for international excellence, leadership and impact in the social enterprise field. We have brought forward this strategy in partnership with Scottish Development International, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the British Council and representatives from the social enterprise movement in Scotland. This strategy describes our shared vision and collective commitment to internationalising social enterprise.