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Brand Social Enterprise as Capitalism 2.0

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 24 July 2018

By Eric Lombardi Eco-Cycle International   Let’s brand the “profit-for-purpose” social enterprise as Capitalism 2.0 The not-for-profit shops we all know and love, like thrift stores and animal shelters, conduct business and are fulfilling a beneficial social purpose. This form of nonprofit social enterprise is widespread and growing, but I wouldn’t say it is revolutionary… Read more »

Taking an innovative approach to barriers to employment

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Marie Marin  CEO, Employers For Childcare Back in the late 1990s, responding to the barrier a lack of affordable childcare presents to working parents, I developed a community project encouraging employers to implement family friendly policies. From this project, reliant on funding, Employers For Childcare has grown to be a completely self-financing social enterprise, contributing 100%… Read more »

PwC and SEWF

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By David Adair Head of Community Affairs, PwC I first became aware of the SEWF in 2010 when I was invited to speak in San Francisco about cross-sector collaborations along with Alastair Wilson the CEO of The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE). It was at the SEWF in San Francisco that I launched The Fire… Read more »

Mentors can turbo-charge your business

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Kendra Walsh Expert Impact, UK   Mentors can turbo-charge your business. So how do you get one? Anyone who’s run a business knows that it’s really, really hard work. Things go wrong. Your organisation seems to mutate every other month. So what do you do? Ask for help! Help from people who know what… Read more »

Accessing Capital & Community to Build a Social Enterprise Village

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 26 June 2018

By Caryn Capriccioso interSector Partners, L3C, Colorado, USA One of our organization’s most important takeaways from the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum in Christchurch was learning about the variety of models for financing and supporting social enterprise ecosystems. For instance, we learned that in Australia and New Zealand, corporations provide significant support to social enterprises…. Read more »

10 Years of Social Enterprise

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Dr Mairi Mackay Director Social and Creative Economies, British Council I first met John Swinney, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, in late September 2008 as the financial crisis was beginning to wreak havoc across the globe. He was in Hong Kong, Asia’s capitalist heart, to address the first GlobalScot conference in the region before leading… Read more »

Puzzles and Partnerships

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Alexandra van der Ploeg Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP What if all 7.6 billion people in the world tried to put together a jigsaw puzzle? Each person with a piece of the puzzle. The private sector; public sector; social entrepreneurs; policy makers—the list goes on. Could we do it? Would we agree on why we… Read more »

Linking the Global Ambitions of Social Enterprise to our Local Context

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 15 June 2018

By Josiah Lockhart CEO of Firstport Last week I was sat in Edinburgh’s St Andrews Square discussing issues surrounding land reform, community ownership, grants vs. loans, co shares, and social enterprise. And, a month before that, I went out to visit nine new social enterprises I had never been to before, including a community-owned restaurant,… Read more »

SEWF 2017 is Still Influencing What I Do Today

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 03 April 2018

By Michelle Ferguson Director of Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company Why would I want to fly around the world to be part of the SEWF 2017, especially as I don’t enjoy flying? Wouldn’t it be just another conference where you scribbled down some notes and collected business cards from people you would never hear from again? I… Read more »

Duncan Osler looks at how SEWF can transform lives

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 02 March 2018

  Transformational is an overused term, but the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in Christchurch really was transformational. Christchurch was hit by a major earthquake in 2011, killing 185 people and destroying buildings all across the city. After years of work, the city is very largely rebuilt, but not as a replica of the… Read more »