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Linking the Global Ambitions of Social Enterprise to our Local Context

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 15 June 2018

By Josiah Lockhart CEO of Firstport Last week I was sat in Edinburgh’s St Andrews Square discussing issues surrounding land reform, community ownership, grants vs. loans, community shares, and social enterprise. And, a month before that, I went out to visit nine new social enterprises I had never been to before, including a community-owned restaurant,… Read more »

SEWF 2017 is Still Influencing What I Do Today

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 03 April 2018

By Michelle Ferguson Director of Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company Why would I want to fly around the world to be part of the SEWF 2017, especially as I don’t enjoy flying? Wouldn’t it be just another conference where you scribbled down some notes and collected business cards from people you would never hear from again? I… Read more »

Duncan Osler looks at how SEWF can transform lives

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 02 March 2018

  Transformational is an overused term, but the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in Christchurch really was transformational. Christchurch was hit by a major earthquake in 2011, killing 185 people and destroying buildings all across the city. After years of work, the city is very largely rebuilt, but not as a replica of the… Read more »