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Valuing a Social Enterprise Supply Chain

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 11 September 2018

By Hannah Smith Coach, Facilitator and SEWF 2018 volunteer As over 1400 delegates arrive in Edinburgh for the SEWF, it’s an incredibly exciting time for social enterprise in the city.  Last year, as a delegate at the World Forum in Christchurch, I was really struck by the extent to which the values of social enterprise… Read more »

Employing Offenders is Still Considered a Risky Business

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 09 September 2018

By David Parks The Skill Mill The three dimensions of crime, punishment and rehabilitation are generally considered to be the sole preserve of statutory law enforcement agencies; i.e. police, probation, courts and prison services. Of course, over time and space, all three dimensions will change; whether it’s crime types, attitudes towards punishment and how and when… Read more »

Changing lives through Social Enterprises in the UK and abroad

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Ian Walker Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact At Johnson & Johnson, we launched our ‘Social Impact through Procurement’ programme in July 2014. The idea was to see how Johnson & Johnson procures its services and if any of these services could be purchased to have a greater benefit to society. Social… Read more »

The Distinction Between Ethical Business and Social Enterprise

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Robin Fallas Partner, MacRoberts LLP   Well, the 2018 Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh is almost upon us and in the past month or so I have ventured through the development of the social enterprise spectrum over the last 10 years, from out and out regulated charities involved in trading and through various… Read more »

Bottling the Wisdom from SEWF18

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Stephanie Pronk Director of Operations, Social Enterprise Institute   One of the most amazing parts of conferences, in my opinion, is connecting with people from widely different backgrounds and interests. Tapping into learning from different places and applying it back home in your own community. You can also learn SO much from the trailblazers… Read more »

Social Enterprise is Becoming Mainstream

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

by Duncan Thorp Policy and Communications Manager, Social Enterprise Scotland This piece originally appeared on PwC’s blog   A decade ago social enterprise existed at the fringes of Scottish society. Today, just ten years later, public awareness of social enterprise and political support have both grown rapidly. We’re now becoming mainstream. As the Social Enterprise… Read more »

Islamic Social Entrepreneurship

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 02 September 2018

  Dr Thamina Anwar is the founder of Trade Not Riba dot Com and developed the Islamic Social Entrepreneurship (ISE) and waqf-ISE model as part of her doctorate studies. Thamina is the author of “Waqf (Endowment): A Vehicle for Islamic Social Entrepreneurship”, published in 2017 by the  IBFIM (Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia), Kuala… Read more »

Hey Girls is getting people talking about periods

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 28 August 2018

by Tony Inglis for SEWF Media Partner INSP   Sitting in the café of Edinburgh’s National Portrait Gallery with Celia Hodson, surrounded by tourists, art lovers and some of the Scottish capital’s elderly community out for a spot of lunch, she has absolutely no qualms with talking, loudly and proudly, about a subject that, for… Read more »

Lingo Flamingo: Learning a Language to Prevent Dementia

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 22 August 2018

By Robbie Norval Lingo Flamingo Social enterprise’s rise over the last decade has been remarkable, and has understandably created high expectations. Within the developing world it has been heralded as a new approach to overcoming poverty and social exclusion, whilst advocates within so-called developed countries have presented it as a mechanism for achieving sustainable economic growth,… Read more »

What’s happening between out-and-out charity and out-and-out profit?

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Robin Fallas Partner, MacRoberts LLP As the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in Edinburgh in September draws ever closer, we continue our journey exploring the options available to social entrepreneurs and those looking to advance social outcomes through enterprise. So far, globally, social enterprise has evolved a lot over the last 10 years and… Read more »

Design Transcends All Boundaries

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Yash Ranga, Jaipur Rugs (India) Since time immemorial, rural art and culture has proved its mettle across the world. Its rich traditions speak volumes of glory and dates back to the earliest of civilizations. The story of India’s rural Arts & Handicrafts comes from one of the oldest civilizations of the world. The vast cultural… Read more »

Meet Ethiopia’s first private ambulance company

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 15 August 2018

Interview with Kibret Abebe CEO of Tebita, Ethiopia   Sirens blaring. Lights flashing. Medics racing. For most people living in a city, ambulances are omnipresent, the sights and sounds always humming in the background. But in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and home to nearly 4 million people, that wasn’t always the case. Until Kibret Abebe, that… Read more »

Where do charities sit within social enterprises?

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 10 August 2018

  By Robin Fallas Partner, MacRoberts LLP OK, let’s start with the bad news! If after reading my previous blog you were interested in attending the Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh in September, I’m sorry (but also happy) to say it is sold out! Still, there are plenty of opportunities to keep up with… Read more »

Using impact data to build brand credibility and sustainable growth

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 28 July 2018

By Karen Lynch CEO Belu Water Here at the Belu office we’re on countdown to September when the Social Enterprise World Forum ‘comes home’ to Edinburgh where it all began in 2008. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend Hong Kong in 2016, or Christchurch in 2017, so I can’t wait to meet up to share progress and… Read more »

Global Social Enterprise

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Robin Fallas Partner, MacRoberts LLP Through the haze of a hot summer (yes, for once, even in Scotland!) and set against prospects of storm clouds hanging over global collaboration and international trade, there are bright prospects for the ever more prominent field of social enterprise and Scotland is taking a lead. September will see… Read more »

VIDEO: Inverness Study Tour

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson / 24 July 2018

Brian and Polly from HISEZ and Impact Hub Inverness have given us a quick overview of what you can expect on the Inverness Study Tour! You can also get more information here. Photo credit: Loch Ness – Copyright Visit Scotland / Kenny Lam

Brand Social Enterprise as Capitalism 2.0

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Eric Lombardi Eco-Cycle International   Let’s brand the “profit-for-purpose” social enterprise as Capitalism 2.0 The not-for-profit shops we all know and love, like thrift stores and animal shelters, conduct business and are fulfilling a beneficial social purpose. This form of nonprofit social enterprise is widespread and growing, but I wouldn’t say it is revolutionary… Read more »

Taking an innovative approach to barriers to employment

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Marie Marin  CEO, Employers For Childcare Back in the late 1990s, responding to the barrier a lack of affordable childcare presents to working parents, I developed a community project encouraging employers to implement family friendly policies. From this project, reliant on funding, Employers For Childcare has grown to be a completely self-financing social enterprise, contributing 100%… Read more »

PwC and SEWF

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By David Adair Head of Community Affairs, PwC I first became aware of the SEWF in 2010 when I was invited to speak in San Francisco about cross-sector collaborations along with Alastair Wilson the CEO of The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE). It was at the SEWF in San Francisco that I launched The Fire… Read more »

Mentors can turbo-charge your business

Posted by: Jonathon Henderson /

By Kendra Walsh Expert Impact, UK   Mentors can turbo-charge your business. So how do you get one? Anyone who’s run a business knows that it’s really, really hard work. Things go wrong. Your organisation seems to mutate every other month. So what do you do? Ask for help! Help from people who know what… Read more »